Q: What are the recommended system requirements?

A: Browser- Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher
Screen resolution- 800x600
Internet connection- High Speed Connection (DSL/Broadband)
Processor- Pentium 3 700mhz
System memory- 256mb
Extras- To view and print forms, such as condition reports, you will
need Adobe Acrobat reader, which is a free download.

Q: What type of data security is in place?

A: There are many aspects to security. Prios has taken the necessary steps to ensure your data is protected. Prios servers are hosted and managed by a professional hosting company located behind state-of-the-art firewalls, locked down by IP addresses. The hosting company is responsible for physical security, as well as installing all appropriate software patches which is their specialty and added value.

No access to the system is available to a user until they are logged in and authenticated. All user sessions are maintained via SSL / HTTPS to ensure that all data passed between the browser client and Prios servers are encrypted during transmission both from and to the client.

To ensure that all data is safe from data loss, PRIOS servers are backed up 2 times a day to a separate dedicated backup server. This includes all source code as well as all client and system data. Weekly, the backups are downloaded to a remote location, duplicated to tape and stored in a fireproof safe. In addition, first of the month tapes are archived for 1 year.