PRIOS is an acronym for: Professional Repossessors Interactive Operating System.

It is important to point out at the onset, that PRIOS is not merely an operating system. It is a communications system that has 'within it', an operating system. This is a revolutionary approach to our traditional method of conducting effective communication within the recovery business.

PRIOS takes advantage of 21st Century technology to streamline a recovery agency's processes; reduce their paperwork (reduction to the point of being 'totally' paperless if that is the agency's want); simplification of workers tasks; reduction of human errors; a decrease in needed phone calls and faxes; and the ability to gain new business.

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American Recovery Association (ARA) is the world's largest association of recovery and remarketing professionals.

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FAS is the leading independent provider of strategic vehicle remarketing, lease maturity management, liability management, titles management, contact center solutions and provider of automotive finance end to end systems and service solutions.

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