PRIOS is an acronym for: Professional Repossessors Interactive Operating System.

It is important to point out at the onset, that PRIOS is not merely an operating system. It is a communications system that has 'within it', an operating system. This is a revolutionary approach to our traditional method of conducting effective communication within the recovery business.

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What is PRIOS?

PRIOS takes advantage of 21st Century technology to streamline a recovery agency's processes; reduce their paperwork (reduction to the point of being 'totally' paperless if that is the agency's want); simplification of workers tasks; reduction of human errors; a decrease in needed phone calls and faxes; and the ability to gain new business.

PRIOS is a database driven, web-based, interactive, multi-user operating system designed to completely run a repossession business. It permits a repossession owner and his employees to work from the office, from the home, to check on all facets of the business when they may be away on business. Anytime, anywhere one can get a connection to the internet, they can use PRIOS.

Data for a repossession company and their lienholders is all stored in one location on a state of the art secure and encrypted server. PRIOS requires no special knowledge to use, and can be done from a desk top PC, a laptop, or any portable or wireless hand held device. Account updates are automatically saved and instantly viewable by all employees on the system in a repossession companies office, in the yard, in the field, 'or' by the client. All activities are logged and time-stamped.

PRIOS is a multi-user communications system that allows an unlimited number of employees to access and use the system all simultaneously. Managers, Customer Service Reps, Field Agents, Bookkeepers, Data Clerks, can all be working at the same time, with the company owner able to run statistical analysis and reports, and the client entering new accounts.

Recovery and storage information, condition reports, personal property inventory reports, bid sheets, notification of repossessions can all be done at the same time. One can notify the client of bids, print personal property reports, post expenses and generate invoices, print out transport orders and also release vehicles.

With the PRIOS program, you can enter assignments, assign them to field agents, forward accounts, print out repossession orders and then email an acknowledgement to a client. You can update accounts, notify the client, reassign an account, and activate and deactivate agents. You can monitor both employee and client activity as well.

As a result of a unique login technology being used, each and every user has their own identity, and with that identity, comes a 'customized' user site for each individual designed expressly for them. A repossession business owner would be able to see, read, and write to all sections of this communications platform, while a billing clerk or recovery agent would see 'only' those parts of the program which applied specifically to them, their account and their work functions. The same applies for the lienholders. They see 'only' their accounts. One major advantage, is that they 'can' see their accounts nationwide, regardless of the repossession company, assuming all of those recovery agents are on the network if they are using the Global features of PRIOS.

This communications platform is exciting. This communications platform will aid and assist any recovery agency that chooses to use it to stay strong in both today's, "and" tomorrow's marketplace. It uses technology to the best advantage possible. This communications system can do, but is not limited to the following:

  • Permits Total Management Control for the Repossession Company
  • Provides detailed information on all your business activities.
  • User abilities are limited by access levels and filters
  • Permits automatic notifications on both the user and client sides
  • Permits new business to be gained from the Client Side Search
  • Reduces Paperwork
  • Reduces Phone Calls
  • Reduces Faxes
  • Improves Employee Efficiency
PRIOS Features
  • Encrypted Security - Has been reviewed and exceeds security requirements as mandated by lenders of many national lending institutions.
  • Retrieve Data from any location - just login and manage your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Enter and Track assignments easily. Clients can enter assignments directly into the program.
  • Powerful Advanced Search makes finding accounts a snap.
  • Account Reports allows you to generate detailed reports of account activity by client, agent, CSR, date, account type, account status, etc......
  • Home Page Notification of new assignments, new account status updates, accounts in need of updating.
  • Automatic Email Notification of client updates as well as automatic email notification to your clients when accounts are updated.
  • Status Notes for accounts are easily emailed or printed.
  • One-Click Detailed Interactive Maps for Debtor, Debtor POE, Comaker and Comaker POE addresses.
  • Full-Featured Account Ledger - Invoices and expenses
  • Automatic Integration of Client Fee Schedules
  • Detailed Forms, Repo orders, Letter of Acknowledgement, Notice of Repossession, Transport Order and much more.
  • Account Audit Trails - See every action taken on an account from acceptance to closing.
  • Extensive Reports Generated for managerial and statistical purposes as well as detailed financial and accounting reports.
  • Powerful Administration Section allows easy management of Clients, Agents, Employees and Fee Schedules.
  • Full Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable
  • Six (6) Agent Access Levels
    Executive, Administrative, CSR, Adjuster, Agent, Billing Clerk, General Data Clerk.
  • Two (2) Client Access Levels Administrative, General Data Clerk
  • Built-in VIN Decoder provides year, make, model, trim package, & drive train.
  • QuickBooks Integration - Invoice and expenses can be easily exported directly into QuickBooks